Title IX

  • Reporting and Resources

    All members of the Worcester State University community are encouraged to promptly report complaints, concerns, observations, knowledge, or suspicion of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.

    Reporting these occurrences allows WSU to take prompt and effective action to identify and address threats to our community and to provide assistance to those who may need it.
    Most WSU employees are obligated to report (share knowledge or suspicion of) these incidents with WSU’s Title IX coordinator, with the exception of certain medical professionals and clergy acting within their professional capacities.

    Note that WSU’s responsibility is to ensure the safety of all students and employees on campus. Therefore, WSU cannot guarantee that confidentiality can be maintained if such confidentiality would negatively impact the safety of others. WSU will take steps to keep information as private as possible, but cannot guarantee confidentiality. Students seeking confidentiality may speak with medical professionals or clergy, acting within their professional capacities, as noted below.

    WSU prohibits and takes proactive steps to prevent retaliation or adverse action against an individual because she or he has made an honestly believed report or participated in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing regarding a report or complaint of sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking.

    Professional medical staff* and clergy are entitled to confidential privilege with their clients when acting within their professional capacities. Under the Clery Act, staff may still need to make a report that an offense has occurred, but may omit information which may identify the individual.

    Places to report an incident of sexual violence or discrimination on campus: 

     Title IX Coordinator



    Kristen Nelson
    Interim Coordinator


    Sheehan Hall

    Nancy Ramsdell
    Deputy Coordinator & Investigator


    Learning Resource Center, 104

    Karen Tessmer
    Deputy Coordinator & Investigator


    Wellness Center

     Title IX Delegates/Investigators



    Tina Adams 


    Learning Resource Center, 120

    Lori Dawson


    Sullivan Building, 241H

    Lisa Godfrin-Saulnier


    Sheehan Hall, 101F

    Betsy Green-Baker


    Worcester Craft Center

    Rebecca Hamwey


    Sheehan Hall, 103

    Thomas Kelley


    Sheehan Hall, 101

    Marjeta Skenderi


    Wasylean Hall, 102D

     Other Offices



    University Police


    Wasylean Hall, 102

    Student Conduct (Josh Katz)


    Student Center, 339

    Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity (Isaac Tesfay)


    Administration Building, 335

    HR/PS/AAEO (Stacey Luster)


    Administration Building, 313

     Counseling & Health Offices (*Confidential Resources)



    Counseling Services *


    Student Center, 300

    Health Services *


    Sheehan Hall, 001

    WSU Tip Line
    The WSU Tip Line is also available for confidential reporting. It offers tipsters anonymity, allowing anyone to discretely provide timely, critical information without letting those in his/her vicinity in on the communication. However, Worcester State University will likely be severely limited in investigating and responding to anonymous reports of sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking.

    To provide anonymous information to WSU Police, send a text message to 274637 containing the word “WSUPD,” followed by a space, and then your message. Once you submit your tip: 

    • University Police are immediately notified of the tip.
    • University Police may respond with follow-up questions or information anonymously.
    • Users receive confirmation messages for all submitted tips.

    Additional External Resources
    At any time, individuals have the right to file charges of unlawful discrimination with the appropriate government agency with or without first utilizing the Title IX Complaint Procedures. Such agencies include:

    Office for Civil Rights, Boston Office
    U.S. Department of Education
    5 Post Office Square, 8th Floor
    Boston, MA 02109-3921
    617-289-0150 (fax)
    1-800-872-5327 (TTY: 1-800-437-0833) 
    Timeframe: Must file within 180 calendar days of alleged incident.

    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    John F. Kennedy Federal Building, Room 475
    Government Center
    Boston, MA 02203-0506
    TTY: 617-565-3204
    Timeframe: Must file within 300 calendar days of alleged incident.

    Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
    One Ashburton Place, Room 601
    Boston, MA 02108
    617-727-3990 (ext. 588 for TTY)
    Timeframe: Must file within 300 calendar days of alleged incident.

    Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
    436 Dwight Street, 2nd Floor, Room 220
    Springfield, MA 01103
    (413) 739-2145
    Timeframe: Must file within 300 calendar days of alleged incident.

    Pathways for Change ending the silence... ending sexual violence
    24-Hour Hotline: 800-870-5905
    TTY: 888-887-7130 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.)
    508-852-7600 (office)
    508-852-7870 (fax)

    Our Deaf Survivors Center Hotline for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind Victims
    1-844-ODSC-SAFE (1-844-637-2723)
    Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OurDeafSurvivorsCenter

    YWCA Greater Worcester
    Daybreak Program
    24-Hour Hotline: 508-755-9030
    508-767-2505 (office)

    Males Advocating Change: Promoting Healthy, Non-violent Masculinity (a program of Pathways for Change)
    508-852-7870 (fax)

    Battered Women’s Resources
    North Central Massachusetts

    Student Affairs

    Student Center
    Suite SC-325

    Kristen Nelson
    Interim Title IX Coordinator
    Sheehan Hall
    Office SRH-101

    On-Campus Emergencies

    Off-Campus Emergencies

    Worcester Police Department