Life at WSU

  • Dining Services

    The dining experience at Worcester State University extends beyond simply serving you delicious meals. We are proud to partner with Chartwells, a food-service provider that shares our values of healthy eating, multicultural tastes, fair trade, sustainable food practices, recycling, and conservation. We compost about 3.5 tons of food per month every semester and about 25 tons per year, for example, to help to reduce methane-gas emissions from landfills as part of the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge. In fact, the EPA named Worcester State a national winner of the 2014 Food Recovery Challenge.

    We offer meal plan options designed specifically for Sheehan Hall’s Pulse on Dining concept:

    • Weekly Swipes for resident students: You can purchase meal plans with 7, 10, 14, or 19 OneCard “swipes” per week, giving you a level of flexibility tailored to your time on campus.
    • Block Plans for commuter students: You can select from 5 plans that offer between 50-meal and 150-meal blocks. If you purchase one of these plans, it would be added to the Dining Dollars automatically placed on your OneCard each semester.

    In addition, as a resident or commuter student (excluding seniors), you’ll have Dining Dollars automatically placed on your OneCard that you can use at all 7 Chartwells’ campus locations.

    • For resident students: Your Dining Dollars are based on the “weekly swipe” meal plan you purchase. Amounts range from $50 with the 19-meal plan to $450 with the 7-meal plan.
    • For freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or new transfer commuter students: You automatically get $150 in Dining Dollars each semester.